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The Modern Cooks Year 

by Anna Jones 2017 Fourth Estate

This was my most eagerly anticipated Christmas present of 2017, yet there are still people who have yet to discover perhaps the greatest chef of the modern kitchen. Opening this cookbook is like entering a parallel universe of flavour, of valued vegetables, inspired spicies and combinations. Never has food felt so light and yet so satisfying. Yes, Anna Jones believes in slow food: food to savour, enjoy, share, even on a week night. Food that is a joy to make, to eat. Food that doesn’t take long to prepare but is big on layers of flavour that make even the simplest combinations a treat.

My favourite recipes include the beetroot, rhubarb and potato gratin – we used rhubarb from the garden and the tartness  is the perfect savoury. We love celeriac, so the celeriac macaroni cheese, the celeriac pie. On a cool day the not-chicken soup hits the spot of minestrone and fennel freshness wrapped in one. If you haven’t discovered Anna Jones’ work, you will not be disappointed, so treat yourself and buy all three of her cookbooks; I’ve made at least three quarters of her recipes and then I am inspired to try something new, use a technique and my own ideas. It’s a book to build and grow your cookery skills and ingredient repertoire with.

Look out for her two previous books too – A Modern Way to Eat (2014), and A Modern Way to Cook (2015), also from Fourth Estate, for beautiful fresh, inspiring cooking

In case you missed it….

The Happy Pear cookbooks

by David Flynn and Stephen Flynn, Penguin 2014, 2016, 2018

Gloriously easy, fun, tasty and healthy recipes from one of our favourite hang outs with the kids since 2007. This restaurant serves great food in the most laid back environment – but watch out for the queues at lunchtime. The perfect place to get an oat milk latte and a vegan croissant – if you are that way inclined.

The books are fantastic for anyone who is trying to cook healthier – low fat, low salt, gluten free, meat free, low/dairy free. Our favourite recipes include the Fudgey Brownies, Pad Thai, Broccoli and Squash Lasagna (also in the restaurant) and the yummy Coconut Bars. These books are one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen.


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