HMHmmmmm Recommends

Great DVDs for all the family to watch together

Ready Player One

A fast paced thrilling movie set in a dystopian future where virtual reality game companies have become the most powerful entities on the planet.

The hero takes on a quest that gives the winner ownership of the worlds most popular virtual reality company The Oasis.

To get there, he and his allies must solve riddles, find keys to puzzles, learn and understand important truths about himself and those around him, both friend and foe, to finally have a chance to succeed.

It is gripping, visually fascinating, and entertaining in a cross between Stephen King,  Marvel Avengers, and Blade Runner, way.

My son tells me the book is much better, and hopefully I will get around to reading it soon.

Better for the 8-10 year + age range

Peter Rabbit

From the opening sequence of Peter Rabbit, the slapstick comedy and bravado of Peter (voiced by James Corden) is hilarious. Their schemes at ridding the garden of their arch enemy Mr McGregor form the core of this hilarious story.

Based loosely on the original characters of Beatrix Potter, there are echoes of her work throughout, but it’s not the same story.

Mr McGregor the younger, a manager at Harrods unexpectedly inherits the garden and wishes to sell the house and land to fund his own toy shop. He blocks off the garden and becomes a worse nemisis than the original Mr McGregor.

In the meantime, the rabbits try to save their garden with hilarious results and Mr McGregor finds love and learns a lesson about the important things in life.

Because of the controversy over Peter Rabbit attacking Mr McGregor with blackberries he knows will cause an allergic reaction, we discussed the rights and wrongs of this with the children and how real life must be different.

As a big fan of James Cordern’s carpool karaoke, I found his Peter side-splittingly funny. Check out his recent Mission Impossible sky dive with Tom Cruise on YouTube, it is hilarious!

For all ages – even the adults will be laughing out loud.

A Wrinkle in Time

If you didn’t get to see this in the cinema, watching it on video will be a treat for all the family.

Meg’s scientist father has disappeared and life is not going well for her. On the anniversary of her fathers disappearance, her little brother, Charles Wallace, introduces her to the Misses – magical ladies from another part of the Universe, who have heard their father’s cries for help and have come to aid them.

They help Meg discover that despite her reservations, she is in fact the one who can save their father and the world from encroaching darkness.

Meg has to reach inside herself to become the person she was meant to be and more crucially, a person she likes and is proud to be.

Ages 8+ will really ‘get’ this film, but younger audiences will enjoy the journey.

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