Risk, Strategy & Governance Solutions for AI, Cloud & Industry 4.0

Now is the time to work out how you will use AI, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and the Digital Transformation required to participate in the Industry 4.0 marketplace, to your – and your customers’ – mutual advantage.

AI, Cloud, IoT, and Industry 4.0, are becoming ubiquitous in today’s fast changing business landscape. What do they mean for your business? It is certain that they will change how you do business. How will they result in increased efficiencies and benefits? Beyond doubt they will be used by competitors to disrupt and gain advantage with your customers.

HMHmmmmm Consulting will work with you to troubleshoot the potential risks and identify how these technologies will affect your business.

Working with your Senior Management, business stakeholders, product and technical teams, we collaborate to design a strategy, and find solutions, that take advantage of the immense power and flexibility IoT, Digital, Cloud and AI offer to fuel innovation, growth, and profitability, for your business.

Our mission is to empower your organization to take control and govern the introduction and use of new technology to benefit your business going forward and give you competitive advantage.

Our Consulting Process

We work with your Senior Management to develop a full picture of your AI, Cloud, and Digital, business needs and liabilities.

Management gain an agile, tactical, approach to strategy and governance.

Your Product Teams are often early adopters of new technologies.

Tap into their experience and expertise to help define the company strategy and align your product roadmap with the company’s business needs.

All stakeholders participate in defining the strategy and have their concerns and needs addressed.

Stakeholders understand how the strategy helps your business achieve it’s goals and how it needs to be implemented.

Technical Teams are intimately involved in the business process.

Their domain knowledge and risk assessments are core components of the overall company risk assessment and contribute to the company strategy.

Together we identify your business needs and risks.

Our consulting expertise and your business knowledge collaborate to analyse the resulting technology requirements and their associated risks.

Categorise your liabilities, rank the degrees of risk inherent in what you do now and what you plan to do.

Determine what needs to be done, and by whom, to mitigate your risk exposure.

Create an agile, tactical, governance process to implement and manage risk.

Quickly respond to technology and business threats.

Turn change to your advantage and become the new leader in your domain.

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