Our Services

HMHmmmmm Consulting offers the following services to match your products with the new and innovative technology they need to compete in the Industry 4.0 marketplace:

  • Evaluation of your business and product position in the context of significant new technology change in your market
  • Appraisal of how your business and product sets can benefit from the appropriate new technology
  • Identification of the appropriate technology to enhance your business, product, and competitivity
  • Portfolio, Program, and Project Management of the strategy, governance, design, development, testing, and delivery, processes for your business and product enhancement
  • Ensure the framework is in place for a repeatable cycle of continuous innovation in the future
  • Troubleshoot issues with strategy, technology, and governance processes already put in place.

Our Methodology

HMHmmmmm Consulting implements the Project Management Framework to deliver our customized offerings for your business.

  • We hold workshops with your major stakeholders to understand your business, product(s) and market position.
  • Together we analyse and pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).
  • We research, in consultation with your teams, the appropriate innovative technology and processes to address your weaknesses, maximize your opportunities and mitigate your threats and risks
  • Together we brainstorm with all stakeholders on how best to introduce the targeted innovation into your production pipeline and develop a strategy
  • We work together with your teams to implement the strategy in production through agile, lean, targeted, and incremental, redesign, redevelopment, testing, and delivery on short and regular release cycles.
  • As a team, we define metrics, measure, and report on, progress at all stages.
  • With you we document every process in detail and continuously pinpoint and remedy defects in a best practice governance framework that becomes an integral part of your business.
  • You re-evaluate your effectiveness continuously and introduce innovation in technology and process seamlessly going forward.