There is nothing worse than burning popcorn – I know I’ve done it more than once!

Here are my top tips to stop getting burnt kernels

  1. Use sunflower oil – it heats to the best temperature
  2. Add 3 kernels of popcorn while the oil is heating – when they pop add the rest.
  3. Use enough oil – the oil must cover the base of the pan
  4. Only use enough popcorn to cover the bottom of the pan in a single layer.
  5. Use a pot with a snug fitting lid with steam holes built in.
  6. Keep the heat high – to keep the kernels popping fast rather than a slow burn of the kernels on the bottom.
  7. As soon as the popping slows to 1 or 2 pops every 30 seconds, remove it from the heat.
  8. Be careful! Popcorn is very very hot!


Fill the base of your pot with sunflower oil. Put on the heat with the lid on and 3 kernels of popcorn.

When the kernels of popcorn pop, immediately add enough popcorn to cover the bottom of the pot in a single layer. Put the lid back on.

On a medium high heat, continue to cook the popcorn, leaving the lid on. Shake the pot a few times if the popcorn isn’t popping quickly.

Add salt or flavourings to the popcorn as soon as it is cooked – the hot oil coating will absorb and stick the flavourings to the popcorn.

Some fun flavours

Sea salt

Chili flakes

Grated Parmesan

Equal quantities cocoa and granulated sugar, combined and sprinkled over

Melted Butter

Food colouring and sugar syrup – try green popcorn for St Patrick’s Day!


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