Submitting your work


Email your work to  The  subject line should state the kind of work you are submitting.

Your work should appear in the body of the email, not an attachment. A brief biography and contact details should be provided. Please also confirm that this work is your original work and has not been published elsewhere.


We accept articles on the arts, humanities, science, technology and lifestyle.

We accept previously unpublished original work in the form of short stories for children (up to 800 words) or adults (up to 2000 words), poetry (max 30 lines) and cartoons (single frame with caption).

We will also be accepting cover work art. To help you with your contributions and art, here are the themes for the coming issues:

Our theme for Issue 2, Harvest 2018, is Homegrown

Our theme for Issue 3, New Year 2019, is Janus: “looking forward, looking back”

Our them for Issue 4, Equinox 2019, is Art and the Humanities

Our theme for Issue 5, Solstice 2019, is Science and Technology

Style Guide

Our magazine deals with family, and family members of all ages, and all content should be fit for a general audience.

(Style Guide sent separately by email.)


Please allow 8 weeks for replies.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay for any content submitted.