Welcome to HMHmmmmm Magazine! 

We dreamed of a magazine we could read and enjoy browsing. Long articles about the sciences and arts, humanities and human interest, food we could cook simply and eat quickly, parenting articles we could relate to, with thought provoking and enjoyable, as well as at times challenging, stories, poetry, humour and entertainment.

We wanted original content, we wanted a satisfying weekend morning read. We wanted something we could discuss across the dinner table “I read this really interesting article …” or “Did you see the hilarious…”. We dreamed of creating HMHmmmmm Magazine.

We don’t have the time to read everything out there, but we want to know about our world; we want it triaged and presented to us in an interesting and informative way. We want personal interest, we want stories that touch us, that entertain us, mind and soul.

HMHmmmmm Magazine brings that dream to reality.

If you would like to join us behind the scenes and find out what it takes to make an online magazine and platform in the digital age, or if you would like to submit your original work, click here.

Lyn Hagin Meade

Editor, HMHmmmmm DigitalLife