Blending Arts, Humanities, Science and Technology – the HMHmmmmm approach

The world is changing in both small and profound ways all the time. Sometimes we experience massive changes in short periods – as we are now dealing with the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic.

We at HMHmmmmm care about our world and all who live here. We strongly believe in our resilience and courage to face and and make the best of any and all challenges we face.

We believe strongly that our lives and efforts must be informed by research, thought, the love of knowledge and its fruits of wisdom. The Arts, Humanities, and Sciences as complementary facets of our existence must be taken together as a whole to inform our worldview and how we live in and with our environment.

We care about new technology. We are excited by how the world is changing around us in this new renaissance. We also believe that it is our challenge and responsibility to use all technology whether, lo-tech or hi-tech, to better our world, our societies, and all denizens of our wonderful planet.

Just as CGI revolutionized the animation world, now virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have the potential to do the same, like the ways in which the PC changed how we do business and the smart phone became our palm sized reference library, technology continues to bring us new wonders and tools.

New advances and challenges, whether in art, medicine, philosophy, science, or technology, affect us all in profoundly human and cultural ways. Breakthroughs in science change the way we view and live in the world.

Our social and cultural history is bound up with the pursuit of knowledge and invention of technology in a magical symbiosis from the discovery and mastery of fire, through the painting and recording of our lives and thoughts on cave walls and through drawing and writing in sand, on tablets, on paper and now on digital media.

The invention of the wheel, farming, the printing press, the steam engine, to telecommunications, computers and the digital revolution, have stimulated us to profoundly change how we live and how we think. 

We need to think about how science, technology, the arts and humanities work together to shape our world, creating new and amazing products and services. We need to learn how we can change and develop as a global society to bring the benefits of this renaissance not only to all humanity but also to our planet as a whole.

HMHmmmmm has a vision of merging technology, the sciences, and the arts, within the framework of the humanities. The blurring of boundaries and the light each discipline shines on the others brings new possibilities for collaboration, learning and new discoveries to benefit us all.

HMHmmmmm Magazine brings together ideas and synergies, from the science of growing terroir whiskey to the health and social benefits of Dark Skies. It encompasses the journeys of history and geography through maps and archiving to modern day AI real time mapping tools. It looks at the tools and techniques re-framing how we shop, how we work, how we live and what it means in each area of our life.

HMHmmmmm’s new game, “VX”TM currently in development, brings together the worlds of astrophysics, quantum physics and cosmology, the best in up-to-date game design, VR & AR, with gamers and the entertainment world.

HMHmmmmm’s VR projects add new experiences to the VR library and create new types of content.

HMHmmmm’s animation, documentary and film projects blend the worlds of science, technology, humanities and the arts, bringing compelling, entertaining, and thought provoking, stories to screens of all sizes in all locations.